Scary Tales For Halloween!!

All of these audiobooks feature a collection spooky tales to get you into the “spirit” of the season! Just follow the links to the sale pages and download your spooky audiobook today!

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Ouija Board Nightmares

Ouija Board Nightmares takes a look at some of those terrifying experiences, which range from nightmarish manifestations to actual physical assaults and demonic possession. While part of the author’s intention is to inform and engage with these scary accounts, the main objective is to warn. While the Ouija board may be marketed as a harmless game, it is indeed neither. If the accounts in this book don’t convince you of that, then nothing will. Get the audiobook here. The paperback edition is here. The Kindle version is here.

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Demonic Dolls

Can dolls really become haunted? Can demons take possession of people’s playthings? According to a large number of paranormal investigators, exorcists, and demonologists, the answer is a resounding yes. Not only are such phenomena possible, they happen fairly often, with dolls being one of the most frequent targets of spirit attachment. Sometimes those spirits are benign, or at the most mischievous. But many are outright evil and dangerous.

This book examines some of the world’s most famous haunted dolls. Some you may have heard about. Others will be new. All will make you reconsider the world you thought you knew. Get the audiobook here. The paperback edition is available here. The Kindle version is here.

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Evil Unleashed

The occult is many things to many people. For some, it is a path to enlightenment. Others find it a source of personal transformation. And still, others consider it a doorway to the devil. While distinctions can be drawn and argued all day, what can’t be argued is this: the occult is dangerous. It opens channels that are best left closed. It attracts entities that don’t play by the rules. And it demands more—always more—than what was bargained for.

These true-life accounts reveal the heartache and horror that can occur when people participate in the occult and, knowingly or not, release dark spirits into the human realm. Dabbler or devotee—it doesn’t matter how deeply one is committed or involved. Once evil is unleashed, it treats everyone the same: hellishly. Get the audiobook here. The paperback edition is available here. The Kindle version is here.

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True Tales Trilogy

From devilish dolls and haunted Ouija boards to witchcraft disasters and doomed demonic deals, True Tales Trilogy covers a wide spectrum of occult encounters that end in horror, hardship, and tragedy. If there’s one theme that runs throughout this compendium, it’s this: If you play with fire, you’re going to get burned.

In this one convenient volume you get the full editions of the following books:

Ouija Board Nightmares: Terrifying True Tales

Demonic Dolls: True Tales of Terrible Toys

Evil Unleashed: True Tales of Spells Gone to Hell and Other Occult Disasters

Get the audiobook collection here.

The paperback collection is here.

The Kindle Collection is here.

More Audiobooks For You

Michael has also narrated audiobooks that aren’t scary! Check them out below.

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Trouble In Bay Town: A Sonny Knight Adventure

Sonny Knight is a private investigator in the heart of Bay Town. A man of strong moral principles, a sense of justice, and he doesn’t back down when he sees something is wrong.

Miss Hortense Oglethorpinger is getting paid every Tuesday night to perform at Bay Town’s classiest joint, Go Fly a Kite. The only problem is, it’s a performance that no one else gets paid for. Is it a coincidence that on each night Miss Oglethorpinger performs, a woman disappears without a trace? Sonny needs to figure out what one has to do with the other.

Grab your Panama hat and follow Sonny Knight as he unravels what might be the biggest scandal in Bay Town’s history. Get the audiobook here. The paperback edition is here. The Kindle edition is here.

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The Alpha’s Return: Werewolf Shifter Paranormal Romance

Liam Conway is a wolf shifter who left his pack many years ago, to live life by his own rules. He wanted more nothing more than to stick around the small town of Boulder Junction, Wisconsin, hiding in plain sight amongst humans while waiting to take over the pack. Liam finally has returned, having made his fortune, at the request of his Father. The only reason he moved back was to be close to his ill mother. Now, he is running his multi-billion-dollar business from the small town and is being pressured by his father to be prepared to take over as Alpha soon. Get the audiobook here. The paperback edition is here. The Kindle edition is available here.